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Donna Rae Scheffert, author, consultant, and trainer is the President of Leadership Tools. She retired as a Leadership Development Specialist from the University of Minnesota Extension in 2009. She spent over 20 years creating leadership information, tools and training. She is the owner of

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This page is where you can find my top three online-leadership-tools that are automated to save you time and money. When only the best-leadership-tools will work, check out these options. Why are these my favorites?

---I have had a hand in their development and can speak to their integrity and results.

---Each has a dependable foundation that the simple, automated process was built on.

---You can try a sampler of the tool before introducing it to your team or other staff members.

#1 Best-Leadership Tools for Decision-making Assessment to use yourself or with your team.

#1 Best-Leadership-Tools for organizational assessment from Action Wheel Leadership Group

Online Assessment

Why might you use these tools?

What is your decision making default? Does your default differ from family or team members causing conflict? Individuals and teams can benefit from a better understanding of the four primary decision making styles. Take a decision-making assessment.

Is your group adrift, or stuck, or in a 'development phase'? The group will function better if they understand the basics of the action process. Take an organization assessment.

Has it been awhile since you had feedback from those who know you well? Are you interested in a 360 assessment to identify goals, challenges and/or next steps in your career? Take a 360 assessment.

Best-Leadership-Tools: Decision Making Tool

Action Wheel Leadership, Inc. has developed a framework for thinking about the values, preferences, and dispositions that drive individual and group decision-making. This decision making assessment instrument is called View to Values (VTV).

View To Values was designed to enhance the success of an organization's existing investment in its highest level leadership programs and practices. Whether taken individually, or as part of a leadership group, View to Values delivers insights into the key values that inform individual and group decision making.

Your VTV results will help you better understand the priorities, preferences, and biases you implicitly bring to making decisions. It will illuminate those values you intuitively prioritize as most important when you undertake the most important aspect of any job - making decisions.

To make great decisions, you must deal with the basics, declare your values and act on them. The VTV is designed to help you discover the bedrock of your values.

The VTV results will point out your strengths with respect to four fundamental dimensions of decision-making:

inquiry and thinking (inquirer) team building (unifier) doing (pragmatist) innovating (entrepreneur)

For you: Your personal VTV will help you discover specific ways to grow personally and professionally. It will be an aid in learning what is 'natural' for you and what happens when you are under stress and stand in the shadows.

For your organization: Gaining deeper insight into the decision-making processes of your workforce is an essential element in creating and sustaining a high performance organization. Learning more about the differing behavior frameworks employees use to discern and act on critical issues, will deeply enhance the effectiveness of existing employee leadership programs, or provide a good place to start for others.


Organizational Assessment

Do you need to know where your organization is strong and where it is vulnerable?

We consider the Action Wheel Assessment (AWA) to be an MRI for organizations. This simple organization assessment is based on the Action Wheel framweork developed by Dr. Robert Terry, and has been used for 20 years in organizations of all shapes and sizes to create a reliable snapshot of organizational health.

The AWA was designed to help eliminate guessing about where organizations are healthy and where and why they may be feeling pain. The organization assessment gauges the organization through the six Action Wheel elements:

Existence: history/identity, viability

Resources: people, money/time, space/facilities, knowledge/training/skills, equipment, information, tools

Structure: organization, systems, processes/procedures, communications

Power: engagement, control, cooperation

Mission : goals, clarity, focus

Meaning: values, purpose

The AWA provides a picture of what you can't see on the surface of your organization.

Whereas an MRI provides a picture of a person's “Soft Tissues”, the AWA provides an image of your organization's “Soft Issues”, as well as where the organization is strong and thriving.

The AWA is minimally invasive, and captures the initial image of ‘what-is-going-on” – or what the organization's members initially think is going on.

The AWA consists of 60 questions. It is designed to be taken online by individuals, and then aggregated to form a collective view. Each participant receives an individual report, and upon completion by the group, participants may also receive an aggregate report. There is no limit to group size.


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