Strategic Plan

Tools to use for a simplified strategic plan.

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Strategic planning is “a disciplined effort to produce fundamental decisions and actions that shape and guide what an organization is, what it does, and why it does it.”

(John Bryson, University of Minnesota) John Bryson

Potential Benefits

• Strengthen a concept of teamwork and ability to work toward a shared vision

• Ownership and buy-in from Board Members

• Exposure to trends, realities and innovations

• Better decision making supporting strategic direction

• Improved communications and public relations

• Enhanced organizational capabilities

Readiness Evaluation

Keys to successful processes:

• The organization is ready

• Leadership and participation by key stakeholders is assured

• Perceived value of building a shared understanding and support for wise strategic thought and action

• Structure to design a successful process and manage the process effectively

Key Questions to Determine Readiness

1. Does the process have strong sponsors?

2. Does the process have strong champions?

3. Are resources available?

4. Is the process within our mandate?

5. Will the benefits outweigh the costs?

6. Will the process have real value for organization?

7. Will the process be linked to operational plans and budget?

Source: Adapted from John Bryson

Strategic Plan for a Mature Organization

The strategy formulation and planning process consists of the following primary building blocks:

• assessment of the organizations current position

• identification of the organizations desired position

• evaluation of the strategic gap between the two

critical issues to be resolved in order to close the gap

• formulation of strategies and action steps to resolve the critical issues

When New Target Market Matters

Identify specific target audience

Assess capacity to make exchanges in line with our goals

Determine how the target audience stand to benefit – how?

Name what exchanges would be desirable to us

Project if they may have an interest in making an exchange with us

Approach target audience

Leadership Tools

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