Elevator Speech

Create a compelling elevator speech using these simple questions.

Donna Rae Scheffert

Donna Rae Scheffert, President, Leadership Tools, a U.S. based consulting firm. She is a retired Leadership Development Specialist from the University of Minnesota Extension. She spent over 20 years creating leadership information, tools and training. She is the owner of online-leadership-tools.com

Create an Elevator Pitch

In his December 19, 2011 blog, communications expert Seth Godin wrote, “No one ever bought anything in an elevator. The purpose of an elevator pitch isn’t to close the sale. The goal isn’t even to give a short, accurate, Wikipedia-standard description of you or your project. No, the purpose of an elevator pitch is to describe a situation or solution so compelling that the person you’re with wants to hear more even after the elevator ride is over.”
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Instructions: Answer the following questions and then create one or more stairwell speeches using simple, direct, vivid language. Different speeches might be needed to get the message across to different audiences (e.g., health care professional, legislator, the voting public, partners, partners, funders) in a variety of ways (e.g., web site, brochure, fact sheet, report.
1. What is being done? What is being implemented?

2. Who will be helped by this effort? And where are they?

3. How will they be helped?

4. Why is this important for those being helped and for the organization?

5. When is the work being done and when are significant results expected?

6. One thirty-second stairwell speech for _______________________ (target audience) should include the following points:

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